Elvis Presley Biography 1972

Late 1971, Early 1972
Elvis and Priscilla separate. She was moving out of the house in Beverly Hills with Lisa Marie. This changed his life forever!

January 26 - February 23, 1972
Elvis plays another successful engagement at the Hilton in Vegas.

March/April 1972
In April MGM films Elvis in a Hollywood recording studio, then films on and off stage during his 15-city concert tour, which is a big success. MGM will use the footage for another theatrically released documentary, Elvis on Tour, it´s a hectic in-your-face whirlwind of the king on and off stage in the course of a grinding fifteen-city tour beginning in Buffalo, New York, and culminating in Albuquerque. Over the course of it, he gamely reveals himself in a way that seems fortbright but is, in some ways, quite guarded. The Elvis charisma is there to behold even though it is clear that he is not well. He´s ashen, bloated, and bathed in an almost tragic aura. There is a moment when the camera lingers on his face through a limo window and you get the sense of a man trapped in a cage he´s built for himself.

In April the gospel album He Touched Me is released to good reviews. The album will go on to win Elvis his second Grammy Award, this one for the category of Best Inspirational Performance.

June 1972
Elvis continues touring in concert, beginning with a press conference in New York on the 9th. MGM is on hand to film the conference for use in Elvis on Tour. Elvis makes entertainment history by performing four sold-out shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden. John Lennon, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Art Garfunkel are among the music stars spotted at the shows.

Nine days after it is recorded, RCA rush-releases a live album from one of the shows Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden. Elvis tours to seven more cities.

Elvis' Vegas and concert tour career is hot, hot, hot during the early to mid-seventies. He breaks attendance records in cities all over America. Record releases also continue.

July 1972
Elvis and Priscilla’s separation is formalized. A divorce is to come. Elvis has begun seeing Linda Thompson, who will be his main female companion until late 1976.

August 4 - September 4, 1972
Elvis plays a month-long engagement at the Hilton in Vegas.

September 5, 1972
Elvis participates in a press conference in Vegas announcing plans for a television concert to be broadcast via satellite around the world from Hawaii. It is predicted that the show will reach the largest audience in television history and that the live album will be a big hit. Elvis isn´t in good shape this day.

October 1972
Elvis has a number two pop hit with the single Burning Love one of his biggest records in recent years.

November 1972
Elvis on Tour opens to good reviews and good box office performance in theatres. Later, its producers will receive the Golden Globe Award for Best Documentary of 1972. Like other Elvis films it will have a life on television and on home video.

Elvis tours seven cities in concert. The last is Honolulu, Hawaii, where he does three shows at the Honolulu International Centre Arena, the same venue that will host his satellite special in January. Elvis appears at a press conference in Hawaii regarding his upcoming satellite show. It is announced that it will be a benefit for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund.