Elvis Presley Footage And DVDs 1972

Elvis - The Complete 1972 Hampton Roads Evening Performance 1 DVD
The Hampton Roads show in full. Since 1972, no one has seen or heard this entire performance until now. With the 4 "infamous" missing songs, used rare video from Buffalo, NY (4 days before) and Ft. Wayne with correctly mathcing audio/video. The sound and picture of the footage has never been more crystal clear. Running Time 1 Hour.

Elvis - Ultimate Live! Volume 3 - 1972 3 DVDs
Finally, a new goldmine has arrived and we can substitute our Crown 72 set for this one! It is packed with loads of newly discovered 8mm film footage and all has been remastered from what we saw on the Crown Series. Also, unlike the Crown the dates are correct.
Disc One :
Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel February 1972
About 50 minutes of excellent footage from 4 different Vegas shows. The first shows him in the Burning Love Suit shot from the front row. The 2nd is Elvis in a White Jumpsuit, again from the from row. The 3rd is NEWLY DISCOVERED footage of Elvis in the Ultra Rare Black Pyramid suit. This footage is silent, but beautiful and was shot from the balcony. The 4th is more newly discovered footage of Elvis in the Blue Nail Studded Suit, again, shot from the first row.
2 versions of the completed MSG Press conference, Rare backstage footage of Elvis after the press conference with Norweigan fans recieving another Gold Award. Remastered Footage of the Garden shows. Some silent, some with sound. 2 angles of the 6/10/72 evening show. Also Ft Wayne, IN in the Blue Studded Nail Suit and Chicago, IL.
NEWLY DISCOVERED FOOTAGE Ft Worth, TX in the White Adonis Suit shot from the front row, Wichita Falls, TX from 2 different sources in the Paisley Shirt shot from about the 3rd row and the 1st row.
Las Vegas Summer Festival
Aug 18, 1972 Dinner Show - longest and best quality version of this show. Paisely Shirt and the Thunderbird Belt are worn at this show. Very nice to have all together and not spread out over 20 tapes. 17 minutes of this footage are the standard footage we've all seen, then contains some NEWLY DISCOVERED beautiful footage of this show never seen before.
Aug 19, 1972 Midnight Show - NEWLY DISCOVERED great quality footage of this show. E is in a light blue 2 piece suit and a white shirt.
Aug 17-22, 1972 - Over an hour of different Footage from these dates all remastered with correct sound.
September 2, 1972 Dinner Show NEWLY DISCOVERED FOOTAGE of Elvis in the Blue Cluster suit worn at the Afternoon In The Garden show.
September 2, 1972 Midnight Show shows Elvis in the Double Porthole Suit with Red Thunderbird Ladder Belt.
September 3, 1972 3 Dinner Show has Elvis in the Blue Swirl Suit.
September 3, 1972 Midnight Show has Elvis in the Adonis Suit and the Gold Attendance Record Belt. Pictures were taken from this show and used on the import cd "I'll Remember You".
September 3, 1972 3 AM Show has some very rare footage of Elvis in the Blue Swirl Suit.
September 4, 1972 Dinner Show NEWLY DISCOVERED FOOTAGE has E again in the Adonis Suit and Gold Attendance Record Belt.
September 4 Midnight/Closing Show has Elvis in the Blue Swirl suit.
NEWLY DISCOVERED Newsbroadcast with professionally shot 9/4/1972 Dinner showVegas footage.
September 5, 1972 Aloha Press Conference - Elvis is really messed up during this interview.
November 8, 1972 Lubbuck, TX in the Blue Nail Studded Suit shot from around the 5th row.
November 9, 1972 El Paso, TX in the Burning Love Suit shot on the front row. Nicely remastered.
November 13, 1972 San Bernadino, CA NEWLY DISCOVERED beautiful footage of Elvis in the Royal Blue Fireworks suit seen in Elvis On Tour from Greensboro.
November 15, 1972 Long Beach, CA in the Saturn Suit and Gold Attendance Belt.
November 18, 1972 Evening Show Pro Shot footage by Japanese TV cameras. This has been on the internet for a while and on a few tiltes, but this is the best quality I've seen of this footage.
November 18, 1972 Afternoon Show NEWLY DISCOVERED footage of Elvis in the Black Conquistador Suit.
November 17, 1972 NEWLY DISCOVERED footage of Elvis in the Phoenix Suit.
November 20, 1972 Press Conference from the Hawaiian hotel about Aloha.

Elvis In Hawaii '72 1 DVD
This great, ultra rare release has great quality close-up 8mm films from all 3 shows Elvis gave in Hawaii 1972. Never before seen footage on this release.

Elvis On Tour - Through My Eyes 2 DVD Set
Just when you thought you'd seen everything from STAR, out comes "Through My Eyes." This release blows "EOT - Special Edition" away. Much like the previous release, this is a completely new version of Elvis On Tour and it includes the best of the outtakes not included in the movie. The entire movie is narrated by Elvis himself through the lost interviews from Pieere Adige and Jerry Shilling. The show starts off with the complete Greensboro show footage. Also included in this amazing set is the silent footage from the 3 hour outtakes set---WITH PERFECT SOUND!!!!! Also includes some new MSG 72 footage as well. This set is definately a must have for all EOT and Elvis fans alike!!!

Elvis On Tour Out Takes DVD 4 DVD-Set
Great set of rare, unofficial footage from March - July 72. Includes backstage footage, interviews, alternate camera angles from live footage, never-before seen footage from live shows, Elvis signing an autograph and granting a request for a kid stricken with Leukemia, and some great rehersal footage. This same set is being sold inappropriately as a 4 disc set.

Elvis Live Spirits 1 DVD

THIS IS A Fantastic DVD. It contains various shows with different angles and editing such as HAMPTON ROADS, VIRGINIA, 4/9/72 - LIVE IN LAS VEGAS 1970 - GREENSBORO 4/14/72 - HAWAII in 1973 - ELVIS ON TOUR 1971-1972 including San Antonio '72, Kansas City '71 and Houston '71, and MADISON SQUARE GARDEN ON 6/10/72 where he does THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM synched perfectly with the cd version.

Elvis Rockin' The Madison Square Garden  1 DVD

This DVD contains footage from all 4 MSG shows. Also including Bonus footage from Uniondale 1973, Nashville 1973, and footage from 1975 wearing the Silvier Phoenix Suit.


Elvis The 1972 Summer Festival - Jumpsuit Edition 1 DVD
A Complete performance from late August/September 1972 showing Elvis in his beautiful jumpsuits, rather than the often seen 2 pc. suit footage. Audio has been sourced from the import cds "Elvis At Full Blast" and "I'll Remember You." A welcomed addition to anybodys collection.